“Food Evolution” movie filmmakers attack one of America’s greatest moms, smearing her to push toxic herbicides and GMOs in the name of “science”

Who knows their child the best? For thousands of years, the norm has been two parents who share responsibility for the little ones, with a larger burden placed upon a mother for their daily bread and nurturing. While the current excursions in society and cultural norms have shifted greatly in the past few decades, the paradigm of a mother having a larger role in taking care for her young still exists. And when mothers report a severe reaction from a vaccine injection, and subsequently inform the doctor that her child was healthy and active before the shot, stories are rampant about pediatricians dismissing the mother’s comments.

Now, as pointed out by GMO.news, a new propaganda film called Food Evolution is employing a similar, insidious tactic. But this time, the so called trusted pediatrician is replaced by the entire biotech agriculture cabal and the billions of dollars propping up their lies. And yes, they are lying when they claim complete safety, scientific sanctity and the corporate ordained right to take any seed of the earth to patent and to genetically engineer it, regardless of that horrible 1980 decision rendered by the Supreme Court that said they could. According to the  corporate shill scientists who promote GMOs, including the film’s narrator physicist Neil deGrassee Tyson, you’re not allowed to question — or disagree — with anything. That includes mothers like Zen Honeycutt, who began her fight against GMOs after all three of her children suffered from allergies and autistic symptoms. All three improved after  she switched their diets to Non- GMO. Honeycutt founded Mom’s Across America and today is helping thousands of other mothers whose children have exhibited similar symptoms. The Food Evolution movie and trailer portrayed her as a fringe lunatic, but she is fighting back:

In the recently released clip of the movie Food Evolution, I was saddened to see my quote edited out of context in order to demonize me and the organic food movement. The film makers are attempting to make this about “emotional moms versus science.” The fact is that they’re scared because we’re winning with the truth and sound science behind us.” – Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America

According to the GMO machine, no one is allowed to question anything about their scientific paradigm. If you do, like Zen Hunnycutt, or other independent scientists, activists and educators, you will be mocked, ridiculed and dismissed. That’s the historical method of a scientific dictatorship and it leads to totalitarianism. Science will be god, and the mothers who watch their children become injured by these dangerous DNA food experiments are summarily dismissed and made to bow down to that god, just like all those moms devastated by what vaccines have done to their children. That’s when the pharmaceutical and CDC gods say, “Gee sorry, there’s just no proof that vaccines cause autism.” Liars, all. They are living in a kingdom of their own creation, which will fall in due time.

Glyphosate is used in 80 – 90% of GMO crops. For those who need a reminder of just how toxic glyphosate is, this video by Dr. Alex Vasquez is a must see.

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